Wedding Sparklers & Bottle Sparklers

We value the feelings when you proudly walk through the exit with your love of life by your side, when you make a wish before blowing out the candles and when you celebrate a win. To add an extra spark to your memories, we are soon launching a little world of sparklers, Sparkler Superstore, so you can gather all kinds of sparkles from just one place.

We aim to provide you with high-quality sparklers that flame for a longer duration so you can make the most of your time. We have all sizes and colors of sparklers for weddings, nightclubs, dance parties, and any other occasion.
We are eager to inaugurate ourselves and become an essential part of your occasions.


Add sparklers to your events and light up the nights with flare. Enter the world of Sparklers with us!
Sparklers add glamour to your celebrations, be it daytime celebrations or night. They attract everyone, create excitement, and are safe to use. We are bringing out a wide variety of Sparklers for different occasions; dive into our collection and pick the best sparklers that fit your event.

Nightclub Sparklers

For all the nightclub lovers, we are bringing in a wide and exciting variety of all types of club sparklers for your night events, so they never lose the spark.

Light up your night with our Bottle Sparklers and have a fun time with your buddies. Our bottle sparklers shoot a flame as high as (mention height) and last for almost (burn time). Create a massive impression on your people with our VIP Bottle Sparklers. It burns for almost (mention timings) and gives your guests a premium ambiance.

Use champagne sparklers for any occasion, be it a huge celebration, a small party, or a night out at a club; these sparklers add light to those 'Cheers' and spark up the night and mesmerizes your guests.
Electric sparklers fire is made from fireproof material and is safe for indoor celebrations. This sparkler will create an epic aura for your dance parties, allowing you to enjoy every move.

Led strobe baton sparklers are the best type of sparklers for indoor events. Add these led strobe baton sparklers with VIP bottles for the special people at the special tables. Create an ambiance that leaves your guests amazed.
Want to grab them all? The wait is almost over; we are launching our store soon.

Wedding Sparklers

The most iconic moment of your Big Day celebration will be your exit after taking your vows as life partners. Who doesn't love to have a memorable photo at the moment with their loved ones at your side, stunning sparklers in the backdrop, and you kissing the love of your life?

To light up your Big Day, we are launching a world of sparklers where you can discover all kinds of wedding sparklers that you once dreamed of for your wedding. Be it the bride's entrance or couple's exit walk, your first kiss, or a wedding photo shoot; your backdrop is incomplete without these sparklers.

Our Wedding Day Sparklers range includes:

• 10-inch wedding sparklers
• 20-inch wedding sparklers
• 36-inch wedding sparklers
• A special Heart Shaped Sparkler

Our Sparklers are high-quality and flare up for a longer duration to illuminate your memories with sparks. A special heart-shaped sparkle is the best choice for a perfect couple photo shoot. The wait is almost over; we are near to our launch dates. Stay tuned…

Wedding Supplies

It's a one-stop shop when it comes to decorative items required for the big day. We have a list of wedding supplies which ads that extra spark to your arrangements. Celebrate your occasions with a bang with our Confetti poppers, safe to use at all places. A celebration is incomplete without an extra dose of fun, and our Wedding poppers will add that amusement to your Bid Day. They pop up high, and you can use them indoors and outdoors.

We have selected some unique Cake toppers for your cake decoration, an ornate, to make your day more memorable.
Safer to use than a match, our Punk lighters will help you light those fireworks in the air, to speculate your loved ones, and leave beautiful memories to cherish.

We are almost there to enlighten your special days. The Countdown Begins Now!


What are the different types of sparklers?

Sparklers come in different colors and sizes and have a wide range. A few of the types are;

• Colored Sparklers
• Whistling Sparklers
• Crackling Sparklers
• Gold Sparklers

Are sparklers toxic?

Sparklers are entirely non-toxic but should be kept away from children.

What are cold sparklers?

Sparks emitted by cold sparkler fountain machines are cold to touch and safe to use anywhere indoors. The flare that lights up does not catch fire.

How do you make sparklers last longer?

Store them in a cool and dry area away from sunlight. Seal the sparklers in a moisture-resistant place like a re-saleable bag or a plastic container.