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Free shipping over $50The Sparkler Superstore is the #1 for nightclub supplies & wedding party favors. We also carry the finest wedding supplies and our online sparklers and are second to none. We guarantee you’ll find the highest-quality, industry-leading sparklers and other supplies guaranteed to dazzle and thrill, while ensuring your next event is a truly sensational affair. We offer the latest and greatest trends focused toward the nightlife and wedding industries. We possess a decade’s worth of experience working alongside the hottest event planning organizations in the country and servicing the trendiest nightclubs, bars, lounges, parties, weddings, restaurants, hotels and unique events across the nation. Some of the best reasons why you should choose our company.

We here at the Sparkler Superstore know parties – we are totally confident our sparklers and party favors will ensure your next event is extraordinary; it will be a night your friends and family will never forget! We offer sparklers of all kinds – bottle sparklers, indoor wedding sparklers, outdoor wedding sparklers, nightclub sparklers, birthday cake sparklers, champagne bottle sparklers, VIP sparklers, sky lanterns, confetti poppers, cake toppers and more. We stock sparklers in all shapes, kinds, colors and sizes – we have heart-shaped sparklers, indoor sparklers, colored sparklers, long sparklers, cake sparklers and bulk sparklers packaging options too. We offer the unique 10-inch sparklers, our most popular 20-inch sparklers and the highly-versatile long-lasting 36-inch long sparklers. You want it, we have it, so stock up now and be ready for your next main event!

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So you are throwing a birthday party and want to show your loved one or friend the best birthday ever. Let us introduce you to the Sparkler Superstore’s cake sparklers! They are the key to an amazing cake presentation, without doubt. Imagine a cake that is brimming with fireworks, what a way to show your friend just how special they truly are. Throw away those tired birthday candles, and replace them with cake sparklers, you will be glad you did! Indoor sparklers for cakes are 100% safe on food and completely safe for indoor use. They do not produce smoke or ash, burn for about 45 second and shoot 4-6” high dazzling flames. Your friend will feel glamorous, your photos and videos will be fabulous, and it will be an amazing fun time for all. Get your cake sparkles today!

We here at the Sparkler Superstore would like to introduce you to our newest in wedding products – the heart-shaped sparklers! These wedding sparklers exude love and romance, make radiant centerpieces whether lit or not, and will dazzle and shine in any photos or videos. These unique wedding sparklers will last for about 75-90 seconds and can be burned in several different and highly unique ways. Our heart0shaped sparklers are absolutely perfect for weddings! We offer our heart-shaped sparkers in a much larger size than our competitors so you are guaranteed a longer burn time. We guarantee to offer the best on the market, and that is why our wedding sparklers and heart-shaped sparklers have been used at the most prestigious event planning companies across the country. Our heart-shaped sparklers come in three different sizes -- 10 inch, 20 inch and 36 inch – and are all packaged in our custom-designed beautiful white boxes with cursive print specifically designed to add extra romance and charm to your special day.